Crys Yin_Lunar New Year Red Envelope Exchange.png

Saturday, February 2nd, 12–6pm
Hosted by Crys Yin

Please join us for a Lunar New Year Red Envelope Exchange! The red envelope, or hongbao in Chinese, is a cash gift given during the Lunar New Year that signifies well wishes and good luck for the approaching year. In conjunction with Gloria's current show Dream House, exhibiting artist Crys Yin honors and reimagines this cultural tradition that was celebrated in her childhood home.

You are invited to welcome the New Year at Gloria's by bringing a sealed red envelope filled with a 'goody' of your choice. The envelope can be of any size so long as it's red, a symbol intended to ward off evil spirits. Ideas for goodies include drawings, recipes, candies, money, poems, patches, carvings, crystals, seeds, etc. Your gesture can be big or small, but consider it an act of kindness. The objects should bring joy to the recipient, whether for a second (candy) or a lifetime (recipe). Upon arrival at the gallery, participants will leave their envelope and exchange it for another. Traditionally envelopes are left unsigned and not opened in front of others out of courtesy, so we ask that you enjoy your surprise in private.

While red envelopes are usually only given to the youth or the unmarried, this exchange invites any and all persons to participate, regardless of age, race, gender or marital status. Gloria's will provide 4" x 2 1/2" envelopes for use and we ask that you limit your envelope exchange to no more than two. To RSVP for the event and to become a member of Gloria's, please visit our WithFriends page.

To RSVP for the event and to become a member of Gloria's, please visit our WithFriends page.

Dream House, curated by Kate Gavriel and featuring works by Karen Lederer, Caitlin MacBride, Dana Robinson, Polly Shindler, Zac Thompson, Joshua Caleb Weibley & Crys Yin, is on view through Sunday, March 3rd.

Artwork: Crys Yin