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Opening Friday, September 21st, 6–8pm
Elliott Jerome Brown Jr., Jheyda McGarrell, Devin N. Morris, Carlos Rosales-Silva
Curated by Azikiwe Mohammed
On view through Friday, November 16th

2-4pm Saturday, November 10th
The Footlight
465 Seneca Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Featuring Furthering Sight artists in conversation with Azikiwe Mohammed and Eric Booker


Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.

Unwilling or unable, 2018

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. (b. 1993) is a conceptual photographer working on ideas related to intimacy, domestic space, and marginality. Constructed as recontextualized moments in ongoing narratives, his work functions as a documented abstraction of daily life. He subverts the biographical context in which the images were made in favor of multiple fictions about the subject, and inquiries into the medium of photography, expressed through installation, text, and sculpture. He is interested in the limitations of photography, specifically what is excluded from what is included in the image; what information is compromised, and to what effect, in the distance between the image and the viewer? Further, how can this distance conjure multiple realities for the image?

Brown Jr.’s work has been featured in exhibitions domestically and internationally. He was a participant in the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (2017) and received his BFA in Photography from the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. He is currently based in New Orleans as an artist-in-resident at St. Roch Community Church.

Upcoming Shows:

Baxter Street Camera Club
Solo show
January 9, 2019



jheyda mcgarrell

La Llorona poem excerpts, 2017

Jheyda McGarrell is a multimedia artist and student at NYU. She is currently a creative and curator with Art Hoe Collective, a collective aimed towards gaining representation for QTPOC in fine art. McGarrell's work highlights the relationship of culture and tradition with intersectional identities. McGarrell also works exploring the effects of oppression on mental states. McGarrell has been featured in Dazed, Juxtapose, i-D, amongst other publications. 



Devin N. Morris

If I Threw A Stone You Would Break, 2018

Through his mixed media paintings, photographs, writings, and videos, Baltimore-born, Brooklyn-based artist Devin N. Morris collapses personal experience, memory, and space to delicately envision new realms. The artist considers his upbringing in Baltimore and navigating the world as a black queer man in his depictions of real and imagined characters engaged in acts of kindness and care. His explorations of the domestic space, including collage and immersive environments, place the viewer inside abstracted rooms that subvert traditional values and social boundaries. Morris’s photographs extend his practice of collage into physical assemblage. Building sets out of household materials, furniture, and draped fabrics, he creates liminal, often brilliantly monochromatic spaces for members of his community to exist within. Through this work and his annual publication 3 Dot Zine, Morris reimagines the physical and social boundaries of marginalized communities, radically reimagining queer existence.



Carlos Rosales-SilvA

San Antonio Public Library no. 2, 2018

Carlos Rosales-Silva was born in El Paso, Texas and has lived throughout Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin but considers oral histories from Mexican and Indigenous peoples, post-colonial historical texts, and spaces that are safe and inclusive for people of color the foundation and central cosmology of his work. His most recent output reclaims the colors and forms that have long been (ab)used to create oppressive stereotypes of Mexican and Indigenous peoples. Draining direct references, symbols, and figures allow him to study the color and form of his identity while withholding easily exploitable imagery. Rosales-Silva’s central intellectual and artistic project is de-centering his white, hetero, Euro-centric western education. He has exhibited throughout Texas, and in Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Brooklyn and was most recently an artist in residence at Artpace in San Antonio, Texas and at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently pursuing an MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY.

Upcoming Shows:

Lawndale Art Center
March 2019