Estelle Maisonett
Artist-in-Residence, Spring 2019

Artist-in-Residence, Spring 2019
Exhibition opening Friday, May 3rd, 6–8pm
Curated by Stephanie A. Lindquist

Estelle Maisonett is an interdisciplinary artist, born and raised in the Bronx. She holds a BFA in Painting & Drawing from SUNY Purchase College and maintains a mixed-media studio practice in New York. Drawing from the many identities she carries as a Mexican-American-Puerto Rican-queer woman, she creates large-scale mixed-media collages that explore how identity is perceived through consumer goods.

Exploring urban landscapes in New York City, Maisonett collects consumer trash such as newspapers, clothing, and crushed soda cans to collage into larger works. Her collages of faceless figures in varied settings aim to generate a conversation about how economic access, social branding, sexual orientation, gender, and race are perceived through consumption. Using found objects, she creates series of prints that documents one item's journey, exploring how the identity of the consumer is perceived differently by placing the items in different settings.

During her eight-week residency at Gloria’s, Estelle will develop a series of prints featuring items and urban settings found in Ridgewood, through which she will tell a story about the neighborhood's residents. In addition to these prints, she will also create a large-scale installation and display several collages.

Estelle Maisonett, Bodega Run, 2018