January 18–March 3, 2019
Curated by Kate Gavriel

Karen Lederer
Caitlin MacBride
Dana Robinson
Polly Shindler
Zac Thompson
Joshua Caleb Weibley
Crys Yin

Home is where the story of the self begins, commingling family eccentricities, cultural traditions, teenage daydreams, childhood make-believe, adult responsibilities, class performance, and future fantasies into one endlessly transmutable but ultimately recognizable space.

Intentionally moving away from depictions of the home as a site of oppression—whether by the Cult of Domesticity, the drudge of domestic labor, or the discomfort of filial expectations—Dream House brings together work that investigates and celebrates the home as a site for curiosity, imagination, play, tradition, planning, and dreaming.

Exploring how we use house interiors and domestic objects to define and express our individual, cultural, and class identities and aspirations, Dream House presents works that embrace “playing house” as a way of life.

Artwork: Richard Scarry