AN EVENING of film & performance:
mlk day weekend

Sunday, January 20th, 7–9pm
Curated by Sara’o Bery

Film by
Alex Ashe
Josh Begley
Justin Denis
Ivan Forde
Africanus Okokon
Naima Ramos-Chapman

Performance by
Sonia Louise Davis
Äsin X

In the U.S. popular imagination, no political figure more fully represents the redemptive belief that racial justice names an American national imperative than Martin Luther King, Jr. The massive commercialization accompanying King's birthday as a national holiday has come to stand in for the fulfillment of U.S. multiracial democracy. The United States has rewritten King's longstanding engagement in an international and anti-imperial struggle for Black liberation as a singular man's American "dream", regardless of the ongoing, state-sponsored assault on Black social, political, and economic power in this and every American century.

This evening of film and performance during Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend seeks to create a space for art, film, and, always, family. We also come together to celebrate the life and memory of Timothy Dean and Gemmel Moore. Any donations collected at the event will be donated to Third Wave Fund, the first sex worker-led fund with the dual goal of funding a diverse range of sex worker-led groups throughout the country and bringing current and former sex workers to the philanthropic decision-making table.

Photo (detail): Underwood Archives / Getty